Beaches and Bays

The coastline is dotted with beaches, some several miles long, starting from the most famous Stintino to Santa Teresa di Gallura: La Pelosa with its turquoise and transparent water, as well as its fine white sand make it looking like a tropical beach.
Balai enclosed between the rocks in a small creek at the end of the promenade of Porto Torres.
Baia Ostina set among the rocks of Castelsardo.
Valledoria with a stretch of 20 km of beaches and the estuary of the river Coghinas, that in view of the sea, opens in a basin full of natural attractions.
Badesi strip of beach surrounded by sand dunes and the ramifications of the Mediterranean Forest.
Isola Rossa enclosed by two groups of rocks particularly striking, Li Bicchi Rossi and the cliffs of the belvedere and the next Marinedda Bay, a destination for surfing. From here, by boat or through a long walkway, you can reach the spectacular Beach of Tinnari. Going North, Costa Paradiso enclosed in a beautiful cove accessible only after crossing the rocks.
Rena Majore with a fine white sand and fabulous sea beds, up to dub Capo Testa with beautiful granite iridescent rocks, along the seafront, polished and eroded by the slow and continuous work of the sea and the wind, suddenly open into absolutely fantastic bays.
In addition to the many beaches and coves, the Gulf takes its name from the incredible Asinara Island that became National Park. The strip of land more than 50 km long, formerly a Maximum Security Prison since 1997, now is a protected natural area. Since 1999, tourists have been able to visit the island, but only through organized and guided tours. Swimming is permitted only on three beaches and docking of private boats is forbidden.

Stintino - Pelosa Beach


Marinedda Bay

Beach of Tinnari

Rocks and Thermal springs

If the coast is renowned for the beauty of its beaches, the charm of the granitic rocks and clear sea, not less impressive is the interior of the Gallura, marked by hills and mountains where the granite peaks, the curious rock formations, as that of "The Elephant", Monte Pulchiana at Tempio Pausania or The Spiers of Su Padre and Sa Monza on top of Monte Ruiu which is formed by two curious spiers so called by the locals because at sunset draw pictures of a hooded monk and a nun. Among the sinking of the ground, strewn with huge boulders rolled from the tops of the mountains as in the Moon Valley at Aggius, emerges vegetation that consists mainly of large areas of cork and dense maquis. Then, reaching Santa Maria Coghinas, where a detour leads in Gorges of Casteldoria, with characteristic pink granite rocks, dominated by the castle of the Doria Tower (XII century), the road ends at Terme di Casteldoria, built on the site of hot springs, which throw their waters rich with minerals in Coghinas River, the baths are surrounded by a park crossed by a nature trail.

Castelsardo - The Elephant

Bortigiadas - Su padre Sa monza

Aggius - Moon Valley

Bortigiadas - Mountain Ruiu

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