Sea, Beaches, Rocks and Thermal springs

The coast is dotted with beaches, some even several kilometers long, among the most famous starting from Stintino towards Santa Teresa di Gallura: La Pelosa with turquoise water and transparencies, as well as the fine white sand make it resemble a tropical beach. Valledoria with a stretch of 20 km of beaches and the estuary of the river Coghinas, that in view of the sea, opens in a basin full of natural attractions.
Isola Rossa enclosed by two particularly suggestive groups of rocks, and next to it, the Baia di Marinedda , a destination for surfing. From here, by boat or through a long walkway, you can reach the spectacular Tinnari Beach and going north Costa Paradiso. Rena Majore with a fine white sand and fabulous sea beds, up to dub Capo Testa with beautiful granite iridescent rocks, along the seafront, polished and eroded by the slow and continuous work of the sea and the wind, suddenly open into absolutely fantastic bays. The Gulf takes its name from the incredible Asinara Island that became National Park and, since 1997, now is a protected natural area.
Not less impressive is the interior of the Gallura, marked by hills and mountains where the granite peaks, the curious rock formations, as that of "The Elephant", Monte Pulchiana at Tempio Pausania, Valle della Luna at Aggius or Spiers of Su Padre and Sa Monza on top of Monte Ruiu. A few kilometers from us, the Terme di Casteldoria , built on the site of salsobromoiodic hot springs immersed in a park crossed by a nature trail.


Water and Earth

Sardinia was born for water sports, and windsurf , kitesurf and surf have found a home.
The wind never fails and there are ideal characteristics to practice these sports throughout the year.
The most experienced await the days when the mistral blows to have fun using the waves that rise as a springboard for their evolutions.
The hottest surf spot is Baia di Marinedda, Isola Rossa, which hosts an important contest at the end of August .
For those who love the sea bed, it's possible to dive in the beautiful waters rich in flora and fauna that are a true natural reserves.
We are in one of the most water-rich part of the island thanks to the rivers that run through the whole area and canoe trips and kayak on the River Coghinas are a real immersion into the nature.
Sometimes, as we said, the mistral runs wild on the coast, and what better opportunity to an excursion inside.
For those who love trekking without going much far from the Stazzu, we suggest a ride on Monte Ossoni or Monte Ruiu.
The more determined and trained should visit the website Escursioni Gallura managed by professionals and guides..
Countless routes are also practicable either with cross motorcycles or with mountain bikes . Discovering the thousand paths that once served as secondary roads for cattle to pass.
Another unique experience is the horseback ride . Sardinia has a very long tradition of horse breeding and alongside this activity, several riding schools have developed which organize even short courses and wonderful excursions.